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DEAR SCARLETT and her Reviews

Cover art by Rob Ball.

A funny, moving and absorbing story about a young girl’s attempts to learn more about her dead father through the objects she finds in a cardboard box left to her on her 11th birthday. Scarlett and her friend, Ellie, go on a sometimes hilarious, sometimes scary, journey of discovery, following the clues and always remembering to ‘keep looking up’. Was Scarlett’s dad a thief? Was he a spy? And what does it mean to be his daughter?

Reviews for Dear Scarlett:

The Scotsman Jane E Sandell ‘Fleur Hitchcock has created a story to make you laugh, cry and wonder.’

Alison Hewett 100 great books before lunch: I loved this book – it’s a heartfelt story, and will have you on the verge of tears one minute and laughing out loud the next. This book couldn’t have arrived at a better time for me. I seem to have a large number of student readers desperate for books that they perceive as being in the vein of Jacqueline Wilson. This fits the bill nicely – it’s a fabulous realistic story about coming of age and finding who you are, friendship and modern family life.

Booktrust: ‘This entertaining adventure story blends mystery, excitement and danger with humour and fun. Readers will enjoy observing Scarlett’s developing friendship with her co-conspirator Ellie, and her changing feelings about her family, as she learns more about her father – and herself.’

Love Reading for Kids:  Julia Eccleshare’s comment:  “This refreshingly original story unravels an intriguing mystery surrounding a girl’s father. When she turns eleven, Scarlett receives a box of ‘tools’ – the kind used for picking locks  – from her dead father, a notorious jewellery thief. And that sets her thinking. What did her father really do?”

Library Mice Review  Dear Scarlett is an original read which will delight girl readers particularly, and especially those who enjoy strong lead girl characters without being “girly”.  The added mystery around her father’s past and the quality of the writing givesDear Scarlett the edge of many offerings for tween girls.
Warmly recommended.

Susie and the pencils  …One more thing… this is one of those books, that, like “Binny for Short” by Hilary McKay, makes me so grateful that there are talented writers out there like Fleur Hitchcock who make these stories happen. Who clutch at wisps of ideas and form them into people you care about and conversations, and happenings that lead you on an adventure while you sit on your cosy sofa, and make you feel and think and smile. That is a very special gift. Thank you Fleur Hitchcock. And please write more soon!

Children’s reviews from Love reading for kids:

“Dear Scarlett is one of the best books I have read. Full of humour and mystery, Dear
Scarlett should be read by everyone. I’m glad I’ve read it.”

Parents in touch  : “It’s a gripping story, with strongly presented characters and a wonderful use of language, which has you guessing right until the end.”

The Sweet Review  “Amazing, mysterious, and immensely intriguing, Dear Scarlett tells a fantastic story which made me want to live her life. Twists, turns, clues and keys; this book will never bore you, even if you read it a hundred times.”

Amazon review: Gripping, funny and poignant, this is an adventure story for anyone who wants to read a page-turner about a non-girly girl. Scarlett is brave and principled but doesn’t always do the right thing. With her sometimes annoying step-sister, Scarlett has to travel a path of diamonds, gangsters, bullies and penguins to piece together the clues left to her by her dead father in order to find out who he really was, and in turn, who she will turn out to be.

AND Bookshops:

Waterstones, Cirencester  “Dear Scarlett is a fab mystery/adventure story with humour & intrigue – highly recommended! Perfect for 9-12 yr olds 🙂

Regency Bookshop:  “Started Dear Scarlett last night, stayed up until 2am to finish. Brilliant caper! All my half-termers will be reading this!”

Nomad Bookshop  Have chosen it as their junior bookclub read.

Mostly Books    “Dear Scarlett a quirky, fun & imaginative story about a girl who discovers her father had a secret life as a jewel-thief”

3 thoughts on “DEAR SCARLETT and her Reviews

  1. Hi Fleur – thought you’d like a comment I read from a parent in one of my children’s reading diaries yesterday:
    ‘Jonathan was upset last night – he finished Dear Scarlett and it was the best book he’s ever read: he didn’t want it to end.’

    1. Oh my! Bless him. Poor thing – I remember doing that. Well if it’s any consolation there’s another one out in February next year, called Saving Sophia. Same sort of book, different characters, different story. Thank you for telling me tho’

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