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CLIFFTOPPERS Series. Read in any order.

Here’s a lovely review from a teacher of the whole series so far https://vsviewfromthebookshelves.home.blog/2020/09/04/series-review-clifftoppers-written-by-fleur-hitchcock/

Covers by Tom Clohosy Cole

The Arrowhead Moor Adventure. Published 4th April 2019 6.99 Nosy Crow 6+

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Meet Ava, Chloe, Josh and Aiden in this first of a new series. Holidays at their Grandparents’ farm mean wild beaches, no curfew, Bella the dog and most of all, ADVENTURE.

In The Arrowhead Moor Adventure, the cousins go for a picnic at a stately home but quickly discover that the strange woman in the flashy mac and high heels is something to do with a robbery. But how can they bring down a gang of thieves with just bikes and Bella to help them?

Blyton-inspired adventure full of plot, action and freedom, with not a screen in sight.” – Fiona Noble, The Bookseller

This story shares the same sense of adventure as the Famous Five but is brought up to date for young readers in the modern age. ” Books for Topics

This rip-roaring page turner about a group of strongminded young sleuths is reminiscent of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series. Bursting with intrigue and excitement, it is ideal for confident young readers who enjoy traditional, wholesome adventure tales.” Booktrust

Second in the series (which can be read in any order) The Fire Bay Adventure. 5th September 2019

When the cousins come to stay with their grandparents it’s time for the annual Drake’s Bay bonfire and fireworks. But something strange is going on, houses are catching fire, and there are some very cheap Virtual Reality headsets being sold by a man with a terrible haircut.

Soon the cousins find themselves caught up in an exciting mystery that involves smugglers’ tunnels and burning tar barrels.

Such a satisfying and engaging mystery. Perfectly primed for younger readers not quite ready for full blown middle grade mysteries but containing just enough danger and peril to keep them gripped, this is a fab series. Booklover Jo

Another delightful adventure for this new famous five, North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award

..Makes an exhilarating, nail biting ride of a read to find out if the cousins will prevail. I am wholeheartedly behind this series and cannot wait for more!! Lily and the Fae

Available from Waterstones and all good book shops.

Third in the series is The Thorn Island Adventure April 2020 but can be read in any order…

The cousins are enjoying their summer holiday, wild and free in Drakes Bay, when Chloe spots a face calling for help in a high window – who can it be? Fearless, the cousins hatch a daring plan and a wild rescue takes place involving boats and cliffs and dark, dark woods!

Available from Waterstones and all good bookshops.

Fleur Hitchcock is very clever to spread the cousins ages out cover 8-12 as the characters will appeal in different ways to the readers. We read this aloud and Littlefae was particularly drawn to Ava and Josh, Ava because she is a strong capable female and clear leader (something I think Littlefae wants to be) and Josh because he is silly and funny making her laugh, whilst another reader may resonate with clever and stoic eldest boy Aiden, or another with Chloe who gets worried and wants to be seen as one of the older children quicker. Or indeed change in time who they associate with most. Lily and the Fae

‘Clifftoppers’ is perfect escapism for locked-in kids. Be whisked off on action-packed adventures out in the countryside with a team of super friends – what more could children want to read while being stuck indoors?
Chris Soul

This adventure, like the others, is pacy and satisfying with lots of action. The cousins enjoy their freedom, independently sailing ‘The Black Diamond’ and when a mystery presents itself in the form of a stolen boat, they are quick to sail into action. Chloe then spots a face at the window of one of the follies on Thorn Island and they suspect they have located the missing child and the adventure begins!

‘The Thorn Island Adventure’ is a rollicking good read, perfect for all to enjoy! Make sure you don’t miss this one. North Somerset Teachers Book Award.

Last one in the series is The Frost Castle Adventure. October 2020

The lead actress in Frost Castle’s winter play is sure she’s cursed! A break-in, a car accident, and now her precious locket is missing. But the cousins suspect a ruthless thief. With a blizzard raging outside and a legendary ghost in the castle corridors, unmasking this villain will take all their bravery and skill…

Here are some lovely reviews:

Red Reading Hub say: “With her terrific storytelling skill, Fleur Hitchcock snares readers’ attention from the outset and keeps them involved and intrigued throughout. Whether or not they’re familiar with the previous books, children will thoroughly enjoy this one.”

North Somerset Teachers’ book award say: “Reminiscent of Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ stories, these adventures are full of intrigue and well plotted mysteries, but are fresh and appealing. In this latest story, the cousins enjoy sledging and snowball fights as well as exploring the castle and taking part in the play. Each child plays a significant role in solving the mystery and foiling the thief’s scheme, using technology, brains and teamwork along the way, offering a satisfying well rounded story. Detailed descriptions create an excellent backdrop to the adventure; the spooky passages, Frost Castle, blizzards and the snowy countryside all add to the atmosphere.

Offering a fantastic adventure with great characters and a challenging mystery, ‘The Frost Castle Adventure’ is an excellent read.”

Here’s me talking about it!

Clifftoppers: The Frost Castle Adventure - Nosy Crow

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