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SAVING SOPHIA and reviews

Lottie’s life is unbearably boring, until the glamorous, mysterious, Sophia enters. Together, via an upturned kayak, they enter in on the type of adventure that Lottie has always dreamed of – living on their wits, until things begin to turn bad, and scary, and Lottie wants to go home.

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Alex O’ Connell  in the Times  choosing Saving Sophia as Children’s Book of the Week :  ‘You’re never too young for crime — the fictional variety, of course. With Dear Scarlett — and now her latest, Saving Sophia — Fleur Hitchcock (talk about nominative determinism) has cornered the market in hard-boilers for beginners… There is much to like about this pacey story. Lottie is a bright and ballsy character and Sophia a suitably kooky sidekick… Hitchcock is good on why children with problems make things up…

Louise Haines Bookcase, Lowdham in the Best New Children’s books, summer 2014 Independent Bookseller’s association, Guardian Supplement. ‘An exciting adventure story with a highly satisfactory conclusion, reinforcing the value of home and family in all it’s imperfect glory.’

Love Reading for Kids – children’s reviews.  ”A story for literally anyone, Saving Sophia is perfect for anyone who reads adventure usually or otherwise.’ ‘Saving Sophia is a fantastic, fast paced story of friendship, adventure and danger with plenty of laughs. Highly recommended!’ ‘Sophia and Lottie are really good characters! The book is interesting. And it is REALLY REALLY GOOD!’

Susie and the Pencils :’….Fleur’s writing makes you feel very at home. Enough is said to really immerse you in the lives of her characters, without bogging you down with extraneous detail. Fleur’s stories are finely woven, with each thought and pondering showing us more about the people she has created, letting us understand their hopes and worries enough to move on their journey with them, and believe their emotions and reactions. Everything that Fleur lets sit on the page contributes to a really fantastic plot; a tidy plot with neatly tied-in ends. There is so much subtle detail tucked away within the strands of the sentences that you don’t always notice until you reach certain landmarks and realise where she has lead you…’

Luna’s little library.  ‘…It has that kind of timeless charm and Lottie is a likeable and engaging narrator.’

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