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THE YOGHURT PLOT and reviews.

Cover Art by Ross Collins.

Bugg (who feels neither male nor female) has a brother called Dilan. They live in a sad seaside town with a burned out pier and a closed down nuclear power station.  They have recently moved house, and In the corner of their kitchen, is an ancient fridge filled with ancient yoghurts. Daring each other, they taste the yoghurts and embark on a time travelling mystery – that takes them back to 1974 and a better, more promising time.


Jake Hayes. The Yoghurt Plot is just my sort of book. It features time travel, the seaside, a pain-in-the neck child called Lorna and a lot of yoghurt. Fleur Hitchcock has written a run of funny stories in the mode of classic children’s books from the 60s-80s (tailor made for Jackanory), told with an outlandish sci-fi twist.

The review crew ; It exploded off the chart!

Love reading for kids.  : ‘A fridge which can communicate and yoghurts which make you travel in time.  Who would believe it? An amazing, funny, time travel adventure. I was totally hooked from page one.’

Goodreads:  A proper children’s book! Delightfully English and very cleverly put together.

Guardian Children’s Books Site  …it’s a lot of fun….

And Nicolette Jones in The Sunday Times : ‘Fleur Hitchcock’s books are always fun and in the well crafted Yoghurt Plot…’


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