I like a hot sunny afternoon, of course I do.  And a bright morning full of promise – but there’s something about twilight that always beguiles me.  Whether a Waterloo sunset or that strange cold time in the countryside when the heat drops and the blacks become darker and you’re suddenly aware of things crunching under your feet.

My childhood was spent wandering damp river banks in almost darkness, soft ground giving way under my foot, things splashing into the river, unseen.  I always watched the disappearance of the sun with  delight – the sky went such extraordinary colours, the silhouettes became so clear before disappearing altogether.  The few houses in our valley would turn from black, to black with yellow rectangles as lights turned on, and I would creep around them hidden by the gloaming. So I set this story, Murder at Twilight in that same place and time of day – winter pulling in, the cold, the rain – the moments of clear sky. I added Viv and Noah, two warring friends, practically siblings, dropping them unwittingly into a crime but in a powerful landscape that both helps and hinders them.  Writing it, was like going straight back to being 11.

And as the hour changes this weekend, and we all go home from work in the twilight I will revel in that darkness – and I invite you to do the same.


Murder at Twilight – out now from all good bookshops.