Wales – but no snow?


Tomorrow, I’m driving to Wales – land of my fathers as it happens – but I won’t be going up the mountains, or riding the ponies or getting stuck in the snow. Instead I’ll be sticking to the M4 and winding up in the seaside town of Mumbles, where I spent my first lot of university years.  I’ll be seeking out a warm spot on Caswell, or Three Cliffs, maybe having an ice cream, almost certainly a cup of tea – but a large part of me will be hankering after the mountains, the slate mines, the Red Kites.

I’ll be thinking about Maya, a softee Londoner stuck in the inhospitable hills. I’ll be looking out for a farm that’s just like the farm I invented for the book.

I’ll be thinking dark thoughts.

About mysteries. And murder.

Like I often do.

Murder in Midwinter is published by Nosy Crow on Thursday 6th October – price 6.99




3 thoughts on “Wales – but no snow?

  1. Caroline Smith

    I always enjoy your blogs, and today brought back happy memories of childhood summers at my Swansea grandparents. I loved Caswell Bay, – haven’t been back for years. I look forward to reading your new book.

  2. Fleur Hitchcock Post author

    Ooh Caroline, went back to Caswell this afternoon, found some welsh cakes and sat in boiling hot sun with my ancient mother while she remembered going there as a child. All full of memories.

  3. Caroline Smith

    Ooooh I loved it when my Nan bought us a hot Welsh cake from a street vendor! Or a cone of shrimps or whelks. Swansea market was like Aladdin’s cave. Caswell is a lovely beach for kids. Glad that you had a good day.


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