Speedy, teeny tiny Story Adventure

To mark Children’s Book Week next week (I know it’s Independent booksellers too, but they aren’t mutually exclusive) – we’re running a teeny tiny , super speedy story adventure, based on a single episode from the Yoghurt Plot.

If you have any children who might like to join the story adventure, but can’t do week after week, then this is for them. The book at the end will be totally FREE and downloadable.  So do sign up. 


Here’s a taster….


Chapter 1

 It was entirely by accident.  I didn’t mean to do it.

It was six o’clock. I opened the fridge, and took out a yoghurt.  It was in a glass jar, it had a paper lid, I should have stopped right then, but I was hungry…

That’s all I’m going to give you – you’ll have to go over to the Story Adventure to find out more – but I can tell you that  it will feature Bugg, Dilan and Lorna on another adventure –  with more time travel, more yoghurt – and maybe more gerbils?



2 thoughts on “Speedy, teeny tiny Story Adventure

  1. Jasen Booton

    Fleur – you’re in today’s Sunday Times Culture Magazine. The Yoghurt Plot is one of the summer reading books, page 35.

    How exciting!


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