The Yoghurt Plot – Fleur Hitchcock Q&A

Here is Jake’s lovely interview that we did – a small exploration of sci-fi and seaside towns.


‘Even if Einstein thought it was theoretically possible to travel in time, he never proved it, and if all the minds at the great universities haven’t managed to do it yet, then the likelihood of a 1920’s bungalow managing to invent a time machine, unaided, is very, very small. Time travel is far too complicated and unlikely to have been invented by a fridge.’

The Yoghurt Plot is just my sort of book. It features time travel, the seaside, a pain-in-the neck child called Lorna and a lot of yoghurt. Fleur Hitchcock has written a run of funny stories in the mode of classic children’s books from the 60s-80s (tailor made for Jackanory), told with an outlandish sci-fi twist. I asked her some questions.

Why use a fridge with time travel inducing yoghurt as your time machine?

The idea of sell by dates has been knocking around in my…

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