Reading Agency Roadshow.

Yesterday Megan Farr from Hot Key Books and I went to the Reading Agency Roadshow in Cardiff Central Library, to join Librarians, other authors and publishers in a sort of speed dating, speed presentation, speed talking day all about books for young people.

I’ve been to one of these before, and loved it.  They’re about making connections between publishers, authors and librarians closer and that way, getting more children reading.

It was excellent and went by in a whirl – sadly, because I wasn’t taking notes, I can’t remember many of the finer details and there were some very fine details, but here are some impressions.

The Reading Agency are an industrious lot, putting effort into several initiatives, including very importantly the Chatterbooks groups and the inspirational massive SUMMER READING CHALLENGE.

Cardiff has a brand spanking new library.

Cardiff has an enormous library.

The new book by Ali Sparkes has a cracking opening chapter.

Jackie Morris is entertaining and talented.

Janetta Otter-Barry with Francis Lincoln publishing has an excellent list of very desirable books.  Including poetry

Most young adult books seem to have dark covers but not all.

Most books for young people set in the Victorian Era – are set in London.

Animals still rule picture books.

I really don’t like microphones.

Hot Key Books guidance ring on the back of the books goes down well with librarians.

Some people find the cover of Constable and Toop scary?constable

Being a Boy – James Dawson,‘s book about PSHE makes Librarians giggle – ALOT.

Much, much more happened and hopefully someone more coherent will blog about it, or perhaps you will get to go to one of these yourself.

They’re ace.

Long live the Reading Agency.


2 thoughts on “Reading Agency Roadshow.

  1. Megan Farr

    Great summing up of the day Fleur – I am loving this joint presentation lark! We should give you royalties every time you mention the Hot Key ring! Fleur rocks everyone!


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