Chasing plot bunnies

Today is chapter 14 of the Story Adventure, and it’s beginning to feel like chasing rabbits over a very large field – and a set of tunnels.

Just occasionally I get a vision as to where this is going, and then it doesn’t quite go there. Just like a bunny, it dives off down out of sight into the ground, and if I’m really lucky, springs up on the other side running in the same direction.  But mostly it stops dead, disappears or does a u turn.

Not that I’m not enjoying it, but some days, and today is one of them, it turns out to be REALLY HARD WORK.

Three more episodes to write before I try to pull it into shape, with a beginning, a middle and an ending.

I’m itching to have a go….



5 thoughts on “Chasing plot bunnies

  1. Twinkle

    Poor you!
    Can’t wait to see chapter 14 .
    Ps I have read trouble with mummies! It is amazing I have recommended it to my friends I like how you have combine fiction and non fiction together. Trouble with mummies is so Brilliant , it should be a best seller!

    1. Fleur Hitchcock Post author

      Bless you! So glad you enjoyed it, and you’re two weeks ahead of the rest of the world – It doesn’t come out until May 2nd – and I don’t mind chasing the bunnies, really I don’t!!

      1. Jasen Booton

        The ‘review crew’ have also given huge thumbs up to Trouble With Mummies! Just waiting for illustrations before forwarding to Hot Key Books. Hope you like it?

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