Letters from children and Blue Peter


When I went to St Anne’s on Sea, with Storyteller’s Inc and SHRUNK! I visited this school where the children presented me with this fantastic book of their work.

Here are two of the poems:



When they gave me the booklet, I was so amazed I almost cried – and now it sits on my desk alongside my copies of my own books.

Today – at Hot Key Books HQ They’ve received a pile of handwritten, illustrated pen and paper letters from Yr 3 children at a school near London who have been reading SHRUNK! – I’m dying to see the letters so that I can read them, and write back – but I’ve seen some tantalising scans of the work, and read some wonderful comments.  I suspect their teacher has encouraged them to write, and that she’s hoping a reply from me might encourage them to write further.

I think it’s a really good idea and I really hope it works.

Years ago – I think Blue Peter realised this, frantically replying to the thousands of letters from devotees of Shep and Petra, that arrived every week alongside the cascades of forks, spoons, bottle tops and sticky back plastic.


This letter I received from Biddy Baxter (BP producer) herself, was so thrilling, that I still feel excited when I handle it today.  And it’s hand typed – can you imagine?

So if you’re a teacher – or a librarian – I really do welcome letters from children – send them to the publishers, depending on which book you read – and I promise to write back.

That’s pen and ink and a stamp – and possibly even handwriting.


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