What happens next?

Yesterday – we asked the Story Adventurers “What happens next?”

The three main characters had broken through into the interior of a giant magical meteorite and were poised to go down a dark glittering tunnel.   The following comments are only a tiny sample of the answers they gave:

“Half way thought he tunnel they come to a huge wall. Tom tries to shrink it but his powers don’t work and the wall ends up growing and the sides of the tunnel crumble and they are trapped. Suddenly the meteorite beneath them blows up and they manage to escape from the remaining ruins of the tunnel. Unfortunately they have no idea where they are…they are lost.”

* A little trap door leading to a little cellar filled with meteorites to do with the elements – Earth, Fire, Wind and Water meteorites. This is why Jacob and Eric have been gifted with fire and water powers. Lilly, the mysterious girl might have a wind or earth power. The wind power would allow her to create a little whirlwind that shoots from her finger. The Earth power could allow people to make the ground shake or even force the plates under the ground to rise – a bit like an earthquake.

“There is a pile of rocks, orange ones for fire power, blue ones for water power, grey ones for shrinking power and a new undiscovered green one for the unknown power of plants were you are plants friends,you can make the plants do whatever you want and you can make them(the plants) grow as fast as you want.”

“They could also find an alien world”.

“Or a leprechaun that demands them to pass over their powers to him otherwise he won’t let them pass and if they give the powers he’ll use them to rule the world and make everybody his slave.”

“A big door leading to an alien spaceship with aliens inside with 7 and a half fingers on each side. To get into the spaceship you must put 7 and a half fingers with the correct fingerprint otherwise it won’t open. The aliens have one foot, with one big toe, they’re really fat and their stomach is their eyeball. The head is a square with triangle eyes that stick out and have legs that stretch. HIDEOUS!!!”

Comments close tomorrow morning – I anticipate an explosive, action packed, possibly gruesome episode of the Story Adventure next week.


3 thoughts on “What happens next?

  1. Jasen Booton

    This confirms what I have always believed. In order for children to write, they need to have something worth writing about.

    The Story Adventure is certainly creating the ‘desire to write’.

    Brilliant to see. Thank you Fleur.


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