Story Adventure day – Chapter 6

It’s Thursday morning – Story Adventure morning.  In an hour or so, Chapter 6 should have left my computer….


Here’s my already empty, second cup of coffee


Here are my pyjama legs ready for writing.


This is my screen, clicking over with even more suggestions from the story adventurers


And these are the printed off suggestions so far this week – suggestions about how to get into a castle (camouflage, ghosts, setting fire to the guards, dressing up as pensioners, shrinking each other), what Grandma might cook for dinner (cockroaches, fish flotation bladders, snot sprinkled coconut sundae) plus several play scripts – and then there are the other 74 pages of print outs and the spread sheet that so enormous, you’d need a football pitch to look at it properly.


And here was my idea of what might happen this week – no surprise – I haven’t actually looked at it since I started writing the chapter – because it bears no relationship to the suggestions – Ho hum and onwards….


4 thoughts on “Story Adventure day – Chapter 6

  1. saraathotkey

    I have done a cheeky thing. I have cross-posted this on The Story Adventure… with the pic of your pyjama legs. I thought the Adventurers would love to see you in action! And to see your warm socks.


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