Scary – and it’s started.

Today – The Story Adventure goes live.  So far, since December, we have achieved over 180 sign ups, many of which are whole classes.

The response has been FANTASTIC.

I was anxious that all children could join in.  Not just the super keen super literate ones, but also the quiet children – the ones who prefer to draw than write.


So we’ve encouraged the use of pictures, and they seem to have embraced this.  They’ve created sets, drawn, painted; designed, using pens and paper, and sent pictures in using PAINT.  We’ve had logos for “Fieldcraft”, camping scenes made of Plasticine;  cut out figures exquisitely decorated, shooting stars, moons and meteorites.


And this morning – they’re writing; limericks, suggestions, answers to questions. They’re talking to each other, comparing ideas, self moderating, working in groups.  So because they’re children and enjoy social networking, they’re networking their creativity in a really positive way.

It makes my job both easier and scarier –

But it’s all very exciting.


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