Taking two teens to Bekonscot…

Last week, was half term in our neck of the woods.  Now that our children have turned into computer zombies it can be hard to get them out of the house, “I don’t want to go anywhere” they cry, settling in front of a screen, but much to my surprise, no-one said anything much  against the idea of a four hour round trip to Bekonscot Model Village.  So we set off, anticipating the groans of horror and the immediate rush for the cafe, but were surprised by their response.

They loved it.

Whooping with excitement at every new structure, marvelling at the craftmanship, laughing at the terrible puns, brushing knees with grannies and three year olds they revelled in the whole experience.  Half an hour turned into three hours.

We actually went round twice.

It was wonderful.

Taking them, an hour later, to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, was another matter.


One thought on “Taking two teens to Bekonscot…

  1. Agustín

    Looks really charming, certainly worth a visit in my next visit to UK. I just discovered it’s the oldest model village ever. Thanks for sharing!


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