Planning and how not to do it.

This is Eric.

Today I’ve been plotting – or planning or whatever you like to call it.  For the first time ever this doesn’t involve working out loads of things about characters (which is where I usually start) instead, I’m thinking about what they’ll do.  Also – I’m planning for a book where children will get to input ideas – many of which may be better than mine – so I need to have a really flexible plot.

However – I need to know the story arc, re-acquaint myself with my characters from SHRUNK! (who I last tangled with nearly a year ago), work out their individual emotional arcs, and scoop together all the varied elements that make up Bywater-by-Sea.

This is Jacob  – the lump in his cheek is a gobstopper.

Having fiddled about on the backs of envelopes, although I’m no draughtsman, (O level art grade B) I decided tht the best way was to draw it.

So here’s a taster of Bywater-by-Sea, interactive.

Makes perfect sense – doesn’t it – wonder if my editor’ll accept it as a synopsis…

Oh and I forgot this the first time…

Any suggestions?


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