Rain and rubbish

It’s raining again, so this time, I went for a walk.  Slightly unprepared as my daughter trashed my walking boots at the weekend, and my wellies have a “Cold comfort Farm” split in them.  I wasn’t disappointed, there was plenty of water, much of it running down me and some more running down the lane.

I went to see the hens, who despite the rain, came to talk to me.  Big Hen in particular.

Big Hen - eyeing me up.

At the bottom of the hill, the Avon looked ferocious, and I took a picture for you:

Here it is.

It’s very worrying for people who live nearby, and the shopkeepers of Bradford on Avon.

But the thing that caught my eye, on this dim dark day, and really bothered me, was the rubbish that people throw out of their cars, or drop casually as they slog up the hill.

It offends me in so many way – Plastic that won’t rot away, corporate plastic that won’t rot away, corporate advertising plastic that won’t rot away.Why?

Perhaps I’m simply out of date, perhaps the modern world has so much plastic in it, that people don’t even notice.

It’s still raining.


3 thoughts on “Rain and rubbish

  1. saraathotkey

    Alas, despite there being a huge amount of plastic and plastic litter all over the modern world, you can’t help but notice it. It drives me mad, but whenever I spot something on a walk, I’ll pick it up and put it in the bin. My husband has been known to trek with a rusty drinks can for hours just to not turn a blind eye. It is so sad that EVERYONE doesn’t want to take care of beautiful places.


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