40,000 Calories

So now an update.  The wall is now nearly two thirds, or possibly three fifths built.

It took about ten hours to pull the wall down.

By my calculation, so far, we’ve spent 131 man woman and dog hours,  and consumed about 40,000 calories apiece putting it back up.

In the last few days, between two men, one woman and a dog, we’ve eaten eight Mars bars, eight Snickers bars, two packet of jammy dodgers, two super sized bars of Cadbury’s dairy milk, two cans of tomato soup, three pot noodless, a can of beans, six packets of Jaffa cakes, 16 hot cross buns, 14 KitKats and twenty four cheese sandwiches as well as three meals a day.

I have moved at least two tons of stone, mostly back and forth over a squashed flower bed, developed a permanent stoop and a black fingernail.

I have learned to mix cement.

I have learned to dream about stone, and cement.

And we still haven’t finished the job.

But we will, honestly…




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